a Creative knack

Jordan Sternberg is a photographer from Sandusky, Ohio. Sternberg currently works for the corporate marketing division of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. He is open to freelance work including aerial photography, weddings, senior portraits, interior design & more. If you are in need of services, please email him at jadamstern@gmail.com.

Sternberg has been immersed in art since the age of eight when he started painting on clam shells brought home from Marconi's restaurant for fun.


In his pre-college career, Sternberg took several art classes, focusing in many areas of the spectrum. Some work examples include ceramics, 3D modeling, graphic design, web design, painting, drawing, and much more.

He enjoys working on house projects, playing the electric guitar and watching films. He also loves traveling with his wife, Brittany. He is typically known for his cheesy jokes and a light hearted sense of humor.

Below are the “special features” sections. Learn a little more about Sternberg’s creative skills and get a look at some past work.